Coconut Body Scrub

Every once in a while I wish I could unplug from everything. I want to put the baby to bed early, let my husband stretch out on the couch to watch a game, and go upstairs to have time just for me. I don’t mean a few minutes to catch up on bills, homework, or whatever chore I didn’t get to that day. No, I mean relaxing in our Jacuzzi tub. I mean scented candles, face masks, great music, maybe a glass of wine, and a relaxing body scrub.

These moments don’t come often enough. I love my family, but we all need a break every so often. Well, I know I may not get to unplug anytime soon but when I do I’ll be prepared. I decided to make a body scrub for that relaxing evening (hopefully, not too far into the future). It’s made with three simple ingredients and can be made in a flash. I also wanted my body scrub to be in a cute little container. Here is what I have ready for when that special “me? time comes. Enjoy!

What You Need
¾ Cup Oats (Rolled or Steel Cut, Not Instant)
½ Cup Raw Sugar
4 Tbsp. Coconut Milk
1 Small Glass Jar with Top
Decorative Stickers                                                                    Ribbon

Place oats in food processor. Run on low for 30 seconds.

Place sugar in processor and run on low for 10 seconds. (The picture shows the difference between raw sugar and granulated sugar. Raw sugar is on the left.)

Add coconut milk and run on low until mixture looks like a paste.

Let mixture sit for three minutes. While mixture is settling, place stickers on jar.

Scoop mixture into jar and seal. Tie ribbon around lid of jar. Mixture can be refrigerated for up to seven days.