Chili Pepper & Mango Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Am I the only person in the world who buys those fancy vinaigrette or olive oil bottles with no intentions of using them except for decoration? I don’t know why I never use them. I guess I like them better for their bottle and using it on food. Now, my kitchen counters are lined with these bottles and some (maybe even all of them) are just way too old to use.

I have decided I no longer want to spend money on these bottles if I am not going to use them for their true purpose. From now on, I will make my own and I won’t feel so bad using such a beautiful bottle because I know it will cost much less than buying one already made from the store. I will also have the freedom of having any combination of flavors I choose opposed to what the stores offer. If you feel the same way, try out this
kreative creation!

What You Need                                                                     

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (The amount depends on the size of your bottle.)
7.5 oz. Dried Mango
2 oz. Dehydrated Arbol Chili Pepper
1Tsp. Cayenne Pepper
Bottle with Cork or Screw Cap


Heat oil in pot until moderately hot, do not bring to a boil. Add mangos and chili peppers. Cook over low to medium heat setting for 15 minutes. Add cayenne pepper. Using potato masher, mix and press mangos and peppers to release flavors into oil. Remove pot from heat and let cool to room temperature. Separate chili peppers from oil. Place chili peppers in bottle, making sure the bottom of the bottle is full. Using a kitchen funnel, add oil to bottle (the peppers will float to the top). Add mangos to the bottle. Stuff mangos in the bottle until the peppers are resting on the bottom and the mangos are stuffed to the top. Close the bottle with the cork or screw cap.





Add oil to salad, then add vinegar for a kreative homemade vinaigrette. For a more kreative flavor, infused oil can also be used as substitute for recipes requiring EVOO