A Blogger’s Resume

I recently realized that I haven’t updated my resume in almost a year. A whole year! That’s about as long as I’ve been blogging. What’s my excuse? I have none. Do bloggers really need resumes? Why not?

A resume is supposed to highlight your experience and talents, your knowledge and abilities. Some may say, “All you do is write and post it. What’s so hard about that? Well, I’m here to tell you that it takes a great deal of time, knowledge, and research (yes, research) to run a blog.

I came up with this list for bloggers (and non-bloggers who are curious) who want to know what types of things can go on a blogger’s resume. Enjoy!

**Disclaimer: Some of the highlights can cover all niches and some are niche specific.**

  1. Writer: Surprise, surprise! In order to be a blogger, you have to write. Am I right or am I right?
  2. Editor: MS Word may have spellcheck, but that doesn’t mean it will catch every grammatical error. It doesn’t catch there, their, or they’re. You have to be the one to read and reread and make changes to your post before publishing.
  3. Photographer: Yep, you are  a photographer! You’re always snapping pictures on your point-and-shoot, dslr, and even your cellphone. You have to make sure everything is perfect. That means knowing what room in your house gets the best natural light, what time of day to get that perfect shot, making your family wait for thirty minutes after dinner is ready so you can take pictures of food (and then having to reheat it), and even making sure heads are tilted correctly when trying to get family shots.
  4. Product Tester: Of course you’re a product tester. Who else tries out the newest products to let us all know about how wonderful (or terrible) they may be? You, that’s who!
  5. Recipe Author: It’s easy to go in the kitchen and cook a great meal. What isn’t easy is going in the kitchen, pulling out all of your ingredients, measuring tools, pen,  and paper and writing down the amounts of each ingredient you used and in which order you used them in. After all of that rigmarole, you have to write detailed step-by-step instructions about how you made your lovely meal.
  6. Professional Recipe Tester: I don’t know too many people (if any at all) who don’t taste what they cook. I understand that family and friends may be part of your recipe tester team, but remember that you are the Head Recipe Tester.
  7. HTML Coder: When you first  started blogging, html probably looked like a foreign language. It still is a foreign language to me, but at least I’ve learned the basics. After reading many tutorials, asking fellow bloggers, or just trial and error (a lot of errors), you now know what to type after you see “img src? or “text area?. By any means, you are not an expert, but you definitely have enough experience to write it on a resume.
  8. Graphic Designer: How does your blog look so beautiful and professional? I know you just didn’t wish for it and it magically appeared. You took the time to choose your color scheme and your theme. You painstakingly designed your buttons and picked out the font you wanted to use for your logo. So yes, you’re a graphic designer!
  9. Publisher: Whether you submit your posts immediately or schedule, you’re still the one who  presses the publish button.
  10. Buyer: You buy all of the supplies needed for your crafts, recipes, diy projects, etc. It may not seem like a job because it’s so much fun buying everything you need, but it is a job.
  11. Marketer: You have to put the word out about your blog (unless you’re just blogging for you), so you have to implement some marketing techniques. Attending blogger conventions, passing out business cards, making your presence known on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even visiting other blogs to introduce yourself are all part of marketing your blog.
  12. Advertiser: You are an advertiser every time you add someone else’s button to your sidebar or review a company’s product on your blog.
  13. Crafter/Designer/Decorator/etc.: You take the time to share your passion in crafting, designing, decorating, etc. with the world, so why shouldn’t you be recognized as  such?
  14. Time Manager: You may wish that you can wake up, blog all day, and go to bed at night. Well, it’s definitely NOT that easy! Between waking up and going to bed (and squeezing in blogging somewhere), you have to cook breakfast, run the kids to school, attend meetings, take conference calls, spend time with your family, etc., etc., etc. The list can go on and on. You have to manage your time properly in order to be able to accomplish all of that in a day.
  15. Super Woman/Man: I wouldn’t suggest adding this on a resume, but it’s nice to think that you have super powers. How else can one accomplish 1-14 without being a super woman/man?