Antique Dresser Into Sunroom Bar Redo

Sunroom Bar Redo 1

I’ve wanted to share this project wih you all for a while now. It’s just a small part to an even bigger project, but I want you to see what’s been keeping me so busy. We have a sunroom in our house and I had no idea what to do with the space. I let my son use half of the room as a playroom. It’s carpeted, has its own ac system, and keeps all of his toys out of my living room so I don’t mind sharing.

My husband and I went to a thrift store a few weeks … Read More

Breaded Parmesan Broccoli

Breaded Parmesan Brocolli - Medifast  1A
My two year old has been on a broccoli kick lately. He’ll eat broccoli at every meal if I allowed him to do so. I’m not complaining at all. I’m happy he wants to eat his vegetables. The issue that I’m having is that I’m now eating more broccoli, too. I’m getting tired of eating it the same old way. I don’t add that much seasoning to his because I want him to get the full flavor of the veggie instead of masking it. I needed some flavor on mine, so the last time I made it I cooked his … Read More

Using Henna for Hair Dye

Henna Hair Dye 1

My hair has been natural for a little over three years now. When I say natural I mean I haven’t put any harmful chemicals in my hairs, such as dyes or relaxers. I actually haven’t dyed my hair in over eight years! Yeah, that is a long time! I started dying my hair when I was in junior high and I always kept color in it. When I decided to stop dying my hair I kept trimming it to get the dye out, so I could start fresh. I dyed my hair so much that I literally forgot what my … Read More

End of Summer Deli Platter

DIY Deli Platter 1

The summer is coming to an end, so a lot of you may be planning an end of summer bash. There will be lots of fun, food, and drinks going around but who says you have to spend boat loads of money to entertain friends and family? Plus, everything in the stores are priced so high now that it’s difficult to stay within budget when you want to impress guests. I figured out a long time ago that it’s more affordable to make a lot of food from scratch because of the ridiculous store markups. Here is a deli platter … Read More

My New Photography Hobby

KB 2 K 1 SmallThis past Christmas my husband bought me my very first DSLR camera. I was so excited because I’ve always loved photography, but never thought about taking it to the next level. Since I was in junior high, I always walked around with a camera. First, it was Polaroid. Then, I upgraded to 35mm and then digital. I even took a black and white photography class in college. I learned how to process and develop my own film in a darkroom. That was one of my favorite classes of all time, even though I was a business major.

Avy 2 Small

Lately, I started … Read More

DIY Chalkboard Sign

DIY Chalkboard Sign 1There are countless tutorials about refinishing furniture with chalkboard paint splattered (you see what I did there?) all over the internet. I’ve seen all colors and all types of furniture with chalkboard paint. However, I’ve never seen an actual chalkboard done. Chalkboard art has become one of the newest things, but that’s all digital art. I’m redesigning my sunroom and would love to have original pieces in there. Here is my first attempt using chalkboard paint. I think it came out pretty well! I just need to work on writing a little prettier. Enjoy!

What I Used: 11×14 Picture Frame … Read More

Monogrammed Nursery Picture

Monogrammed Nursery Picture 1

Now that both of my babies are officially out of our bedroom and sharing a room, I’m starting to finally decorate their room. I didn’t know where to start at all until my 2 year old started recognizing and naming different animals. Two of his favorites are elephants and giraffes, that’s why I decided to do a jungle theme. I already knew that I didn’t want all of the jungle colors. A simple color pallet would do. His room in Colorado was shades of blue and brown, so I’m going to stick to the same colors. This is the first … Read More